Why I Became a Blogger

My love affair with fashion and style started at age 5 when I would assist my mother in creating beautiful one of a kind garments for her affluent clients. Growing up, I've always been told that I have great style. I've always had my own way of working prints, patterns, colors and textures, however have never thought of my style as "great". I've only seen it as my own personal way of expressing myself through clothing. 


Fast forward to adulthood...

My path to becoming a blogger started out like many of my peers. I wanted a creative outlet to express myself that was different from my usual 9-5 gig.  At the time, I was working as a full-time freelancer in corporate retail and sat at a desk from the time I got to work until the time I left, obsessively pouring over spreadsheets and charts until my eyes hurt. While working in corporate, I also took gigs here and there as a fashion stylist working with major celebs, as well as styling for major magazines in NYC and SF. While styling is super fun and creative, gigs are far and few between, so I relied on my corporate  job to keep food on the table! While staring at excel sheets for 8 hours a day, I often prayed for God to bless me with a job that was more creative and less analytical. Well, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it! About 2 months later I got word that the position I relied on to keep me afloat was ending. I felt fear and relief all at the same time. Relief that I now had the time to pursue the job of my dreams, but also fear of it not working out. Again, I had to sit with God, do some soul searching and come up with a game plan to really make my dream job work. 


I started Etcetera Modus as a way to showcase my personal style and to allow readers to join me on my personal style discovery. I wrote my first blog entry in March of 2015 not really knowing what to blog about. I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be part style, part fashion news or part editorial... so, I played around with different methods until I discovered what I wanted the blog to encompass. The style and dynamic of  Etcetera Modus has changed quite a bit for the most part, but the intent has always remained the same. No matter what direction the blog goes in, Ill always use it as a platform to showcase my personal style and inspire others creatively and spiritually. Inspiring others has ALWAYS been the goal behind all of this and I hope to continue to do so for years to come!


I could go on and on about why I started my blog for days, but I'll just leave this here for you all to take in. The point I'm making is don't be scared to follow your dreams. I took on jobs that made me miserable before discovering blogging. Life is too short to work job after job that you don't like only to make little money and still be unhappy. Should you expire from this earth today, could you really say that you were happy with what you've done in life or in your career? If not, don't waste another day doing something that doesn't inspire you or allow you to inspire others. We only get one chance at life, so do what you love and make it count!


If any of you have specific questions on how to get started or what to expect when starting your blog, please feel free to reach out!


Have a great day y'all! 


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