Walk By Faith

I have doubts like anyone else. Have you ever had a moment when you thought to yourself, “This is never going to work out,” or “I know I’ll never be good at that.” Yeah, I’ve had these thoughts quite a few times—at least 5 times this week alone! I get caught up in the hype like everyone else. Comparing myself to others… wishing I had this or did that. It’s natural as human beings to get caught up in our emotions. But we have to remember that they are just emotions and have no true meaning unless we give them meaning. Lately I’ve been learning how to sit with my emotions rather than getting swept away in them. Meditation and prayer have been my main outlets for “letting go”. I like to say, “Prayer is how you talk to God. Meditation is how you hear Him.” We can pray about what we want all day long, but if we don’t don’t stop for a sec to hear God, how will we know the answers to what we have been praying for?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and how it will work out. I understand that no matter how much I plan, God will have the final say in how to all unfolds. For instance, I never thought that I’d ever get married. I was never the little girl planning her wedding from the age of 8, nor was I the teenager with a scrap book cutting out pictures of wedding dresses and cakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with planning, I was just not that girl. Of course God had different plans. Enter Will Broussard—my now fiancé—who I plan to marry, spend the rest of my life with and of course bear all of his big headed babies!! See…God had much bigger plans for me. Another example is moving here to VA. I never thought I’d leave NYC because I always felt that New York and all its greatness is the fashion capital of the USA. But, I quickly learned that moving out of NYC would prove to be more fruitful in the long run. Plus, there are fashionable cities all across the US! Who to says that VA will even be my final resting place. Will and I may find another amazing city to call our home that’s just as great as NYC or even better!

It’s not easy to walk by faith. Like I said, I have doubtful thoughts that creep in all the time. But I remember that God has led me exactly where I need to be and has never let me fall. Then the doubt slowly fades away…

Today I’m having a lunch date with hubby, so I’m wearing my fave The Upside leopard print sweatshirt, with my IRO leather jacket, Fendi bag, star jeans and my fave Sergio Rossi shoes.

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Photographer— @villagepyschicmusic

Leopard Sweatshirt — The Upside, similar (on sale!!) here

Jacket—IRO here, affordable here

Shoes— Sergio Rossi, here, affordable here

Bag—Fendi, similar here and here