"Vuli" meaning shade in Swahili, is a unique brand of unisex designer aviator sunglasses that are made in Italy and inspired by nature, and by nature I mean insects. Yes, Im talking about bugs! These "beautiful shades of ewww" draws inspiration from none other than rare insects. The Insect’s compound eyes are full of rich colors and patterns rarely seen with the naked eye. A lot of beauty and inspiration can be found in the rich patterns and colors of these tiny flying muses.  Vuliwear® brings these rich shapes, colors and patterns to life by printing them on their 100 percent UV lenses.  The pair I'm wearing is called the "Zag" and is inspired by the African Twig Mantis. Rich golden colors coupled with the wavy pattern on the lense make for a head turning pair of shades.  Vuliwear® sunglasses are even designed with comfort in mind as the lightweight frames make you forget you have them on! 


I have a fairly small head shape and its often hard for me to find aviators that don't swallow my face whole! Who else has this issue? I can't be the only one. I didn't think they'd fit my face when I received them, but luckily for me they did! Vuliwear® even fit my fiancé Will, who has a slightly wider face shape than I, so they truly are unisex. I've been rocking my Vuliwear® shades for a few weeks now and have not taken them off my head.


Vuliwear® has an app that educates its community on eye protection and eye health. They even educate you on the UV index so you are well informed on why its important to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.


There are a lot of sunglass brands out there on the market. But when you're wearing a pair of Vuliwear® shades, others will recognize the distinctive lenses and the wonderful creatures that are the brands' muse.


By Mary Dyann Sig .jpg


photographer: @villagepsychicmusic

Modle: @etceteramodus