Vintage Style

You know the saying "What's old is new again." Well this dress is about 25 years old an was handed down to me by my future mother-in-law who wore it when she was 25. When she first presented me with this gorgeous Chinese silk dress I instantly thought,"I'll never squeeze my butt into this!" Then, as I got the zipper all the way up, I noticed that the fabric looked as though it was painted on, as if it were made for me!


Her husband bought the blue silk fabric on a business trip to China. She then had two dresses custom made in the Philippines. One has a Mandarin collar and slightly longer sleeves and the one I'm wearing is a boat neck with shorter sleeves. Both dresses also come with a belt that really accentuates the waistline and both are adorned with a beautiful pink and white patten of a cherry blossom tree.


For this vintage look I chose to keep the shoe simple and wore my favorite Stuart Weiztman silver metallic strappy sandals. These sandals are comfortable, chic and they look great with everything! 


I can't explain in enough words how much I love this dress! Although it's about 25 years old, It looks as though it was made today.


What goes around come right back around again...


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 Photographer: @villagepsychicmusic

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