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According to Village Psychic,  it's the "Fashion Week" of synthesizers. Machines in Music  is New York City's modular synthesizer exhibition, this year taking place at The Knockdown Center in Queens. At first, my reply was similar to what's on my PAOM X Stella  t-shirt, "No Thank You". However, I decided to support my hubby because if Machines in Music is ANYTHING like Fashion Week, I TOTALLY get it! Who wouldn't want to see groundbreaking prototypes and concepts from leading electronic music instrument designers that won't be available until next year?  I spend an entire week running around NYC breaking my back in 5 inch heels just to get a glimpse of designer collections coming out 6 months later, so you can imagine I was quite relieved to discover that the entire Modular Synthesizer industry could be contained under one roof. 

The Knockdown Center is a rustic industrial event space that captures the essence of the New York factory warehouse. Machines in Music reminds me of a Makers Faire on a smaller scale with electronic instruments. Will and I made our way through the exhibits and stopped at the Verbos Electronic booth. According to Will, Verbos Electronics is the "Chanel" of  modular synths. According to my hubby the build quality is superb. When in comes to luxury goods, craftsmanship is everything, so it's nice to meet another designer, regardless of trade, who values the same design principals as I do. While we were at the Verbos booth, I couldn't help but notice a woman who had a familiar face. After introductions were made, I stepped outside to give my ears a little break. I couldn't help but realize a feeling of serendipity only to notice minutes later that I had worked with this woman I had been introduced to minutes before. The last thing I would expect is to run into someone I know at a Synthesizer expo. As it turns out, Sonya Verbos of  Verbos Electronics and I worked together about 6 years ago for Diesel doing visual styling. Now, she's the Coco Chanel of the synthesizer world! 

Who would have thought that by supporting Will I'd run into an old friend, appreciate an industry that's unfamiliar, and make a connection that is sure to last a lifetime! 

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