My Favorite Eye/Brow Products—Under $50!

I went shopping for some of my eye/brow beauty essentials the other day and wanted to share some of my faves that are under $50!

From the bottom:

Lilibeth brow shaper from @makeupboxldn_ is a great tool for shaping brows, getting rid of peach fuzz, upper lip, and hairline. It can also be used at a dermaplaning tool to help exfoliate skin allowing products to absorb into skin better. Its basically my all-in-one hair removal/exfoliating tool!

@AnastasiaBeverlyHills "Clear Brow Gel" is amazing for keeping my brow in check throughout the day.

@Givenchybeauty "Phenomen'eyes" mascara is LIFE! The spherical brush helps curl, separate and define my lashes to perfection! fun fact: this is the only mascara I've used in the past 2 years! I haven't found anything that comes close.

I've been using LashME vegan lash/brow growth serum by @my.beautyca for a little over 3 weeks now. I'm not going to lie I was very skeptical at first because I hadn't seen any changes in my brows or lashes and almost gave up. However, I gave it another week and my lashes/brows are actually a little fuller and darker! Who knew I'd learn life lesson from my brow/lash serum—NEVER GIVE UP! (Use code MARYDYANN for 20% off!)

Another @AnastasiaBeverlyHills fave is my angled flat brush #7B. I use it with @thebrowgal convertible brow duo. It's a powder and pomade duo that acts as a powder when used dry and a pomade when used wet to fill in and apply color and definition to brows.

These are my everyday essentials guys. I'd love to know what some of your beauty must haves are. Comment below with the eye/brow products you can't live without!

Tell me some of your essentials for brows and eyes in the comments below!

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