A few weeks ago, Will and I spent the entire week in Newport Vermont with family for our holiday and I'm so excited to share all the memories from our trip. Between the pink and blue sunsets and homemade ice cream cake, I don't know what I loved most about our week long getaway. Every time we take a family holiday to Vermont we NEVER want to come back! 


We started our trip with a 10 hr drive from Virginia (Will and I LOVE road trips!) to Newport with our fur baby Diamond. The first hour of any car ride we take is always a little difficult because Diamond (although she's strapped into her seat belt in the back seat) tries to fight her way to the front of the car — as if she's going to drive!  Am I the only pet parent who goes through this? I can only imagine when we have non-fur babies how crazy trips will be...I'll wait! LOL!


10 hours later we arrived in Newport,VT and grabbed food at Jake's (Wills brother) restaurant Hoagies. We stuffed our faces with pizza then went home to rest up for brunch with the family the following morning. 


Waking up to he sounds of Lake Memphremagog—a lake that borders Vermont and Canada— left us feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. We met our family  for brunch at a local restaurant called Eastside that overlooks Lake Memphremgog. Since the restaurant sits directly on the lake, visitors from Quebec often dock and dine. If you arrive after 6 PM you'll enjoy live music as you eat some delicious local fare. I recommend the Sunday brunch because It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with TONS of amazing food to choose from. Smothered biscuits anyone? I also love anything drenched in Vermont Maple Syrup. If you've never had Vermont Maple Syrup, you haven't LIVED yet! Seriously, you need to try some.

Vermont is filed with tons of beautiful beaches that will make you feel like you're in another country. 

Lake Willoughby, a picturesque body of water in Orleans county, is situated between Mount Pisgah, Mount Hor and Bartlett Mountain (Vermont). Theres a public beach were you'll find a nice mix of Vermont locals and Canadian (Montreal) tourist. I enjoyed sitting back, relaxing and listening to the sounds of nature while admiring this amazing view. Isn't it beautiful?!

Our trip was a blast! We made tons of memories that will last us as lifetime. The best part is sharing our time with loved ones and our fur baby Diamond.



I'll be sharing more pictures of our trip on Instagram so follow along for more of our adventures!