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It's my first day back in NYC after a few months, so I went to visit my hair stylist, Mika English, who also owns a luxury hair care line Grew by M.E.  I shared some info about the life changing Grew by M.E. system in a previous post and also wanted to share some of the other services Mika offers as well. Mika is a phenomenal stylist who has been doing my hair for over a year now. She styles and creates custom units and does amazing sew-ins and color. Mika also specializes in natural hair care! With a mission to create quality hair care products, Mika wants to make a healthy head of hair obtainable to everyone—yes, men included! She created Grew by M.E as a way for women to be able to transition out, without the big chop. I've been using the system for about a year now and have had the most amazing results! My natural hair and unit have both benefited from using Grew by M.E.— I even got rid of a few hair products  I no longer use because the system takes care of all my hair care needs. Grew by ME shampoo’s main ingredients are activated charcoal and camphor, which helps to combat build up and stimulates blood flow for rapid growth. The Grew by ME conditioner infuses lavender and rosemary to eliminate shedding and breaking. I use it for easy detangling and to add instant shine. It’s also helps to seal split ends!  


Above is a custom unit Mika created for me with Brazilian wavy hair provided by The Vanity box. Mika used a lace frontal in 14 inches and two bundles—22 and 24 inches. 


Check out to learn more about the Grew by M.E. hair care system and book an appointment now! Also, show Mika some love by following her on insta @MikaEnglish


Have a great day!

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