Cozy Cashmere

Last weekend Will and I took a trip to Reston Town Center to do some shopping. The sun was shining bright and I had just purchased this amazing cashmere sweater—that’s on SALE— by Aqua from Nordstrom, so we thought why not, right? I mean who needs an excuse to go shopping anyway. There could be a tornado happening in the middle of Manhattan and if Chanel was having a sample sale in eye of it, I’d still be there!! Yeah… its that serious!

I stopped by Sephora because, duh! You don’t go anywhere in the world without visiting a Sephora first. That’s like a beauty law or something! LOL! I needed a pencil sharper (like, the really big kind) to sharpen my Anastasia Brow Primer pencil and one of the girls suggested this one from NARS. For 6 bucks, Why not? It was the perfect size for what I needed, so I grabbed it. After Sephora and of course Starbucks, we decide to sit and soak up some sun. I kept thinking to myself, “I’m sure this warm weather won’t last long—especially since it’s the middle of Feb, so I’ll enjoy it while I can.” Its funny how something as simple as the weather makes you appreciate being in the moment…

Even while sitting in the sun there was a slight breeze so I’m glad I had this gorgeous cashmere sweater to keep me warm and cozy!

It currently 45 degrees and raining, so I’m patiently waiting for the next sunny day…

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Photographer — @villagepsychicmusic

Cashmere Sweater — Aqua

Jeans — Frame Denim

Boots — Stuart Weitzman (similar affordable here)

Bag — Hermes Kelly (similar style here)