Closet Investments

“I like my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw, “Sex In The City”


I think it’s safe to say women all across the world share this exact same sentiment. Let’s face it, we work extremely hard in our respective careers. We also have husbands, boyfriends, kids, friends, family and pets to attend to, and make time for. When we get a little down time, shopping tends to be a form of therapy and relaxation we seek to feel a sense of calm. You know the feeling of bliss when you walk into your favorite department store or boutique. The array of beautifully merchandised colors and clothing on tables and on racks. As a visual stylist, I appreciate a well merchandised sales floor, and also appreciate the merchandise more when it’s on SALE! Who doesn’t?


Walking through the doors of your favorite department store or boutique and enjoying up to 75 percent off an item you’ve coveted for weeks—perhaps even months—definitely gives you a sense of accomplishment and utter joy. You start to feel stress, anxiety, and all the problems of the world melt away when you see a tag marked in red attached to a beautifuly crafted garment. 


A good sale isn’t the only thing that lifts the spirits during a therapeutic shopping trip. Amazing customer service also plays a roll in how our shopping experience is defined. I’ve worked in luxury retail before, so I know the ins and outs of how great customer service can shape ones shopping experience for years to come. It’s simple, if you’re treated well in a store, you go back. If you’re treated poorly, you may never shop at that establishment again, or you may even write a nice letter to the store manager outlining your negative experience in hopes of teaching the offending sales associate a lesson in good service. If you loath shopping in stores I completely understand. However, I'm the kind of instant gratification girl who doesn't like to wait for online purchases to arrive at my house. I love going to the store, trying it on, knowing that it fits, and walking right out with my shiny purchase(s) in hand–no waiting!  There are also those days that I like to sit behind my MacBook Pro and shop as well, so I guess it all depends on my mood. Either way, a good sale (online or in-store) and good service always puts a smile on my face and a dent in my wallet. 


My money will always be found hanging right in my closet. I like to call them investments!




By Mary Dyann Sig .jpg