Building A Brand In Burberry

And just like that, summer is almost over…

Time few by so quickly y’all! So many great things have happened these past few months. But, before I dive into all things Etcetera Modus by Mary Dyánn, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your love and support throughout my social media journey. You guys make this website worth while, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

If you’ve noticed, is no longer just a blog. We’ve changed the name to Etcetera Modus by Mary Dyánn to give the brand a more personal feel (please let me know what you think about the logo in the comments below). We’ve added fashion solutions to help you uncover your style and utilize the value of your closets to supplement the things you love! These new fashion solutions were created to help you save valuable time and energy while putting some extra cash in the bank. We could all use some of that! Closet Merchandising, Consignment Concierge & Fashion Styling are a few solutions we now offer on the site. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

I’ve also added a unique consignment shop page that allows you to purchase luxury goods directly from The RealReal’s online luxury consignment boutique. The RealReal sells thousands of luxury items, so I’ve narrowed down the search. You can easily shop luxury clothing, handbags & accessories from Chanel, Hermès, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, YSL and more! I’ve hand picked some pieces I love and I know you will too! Take a peek…you’ll thank me later.

This past summer has had It’s shares of ups and downs. I left a full-time job that I honestly thought I’d be at forever with the support of my wonderful fiancee and photographer, to dive into my new life as a full-time entrepreneur. It took tons of effort to get started, but the end results have been worth it. Trust me, If I didn’t have the support of my loved ones this dream would be just that—a DREAM! It takes time, planning, and patience to make it on your own and if anyone says otherwise they are flat out lying! I remember reading endless blog posts about bloggers who left their full-time jobs to pursue a life and career sans the monotony of a 9-5, but they never explained how they got there. I remember reading one blog post that wrote, “Quit your boring 9-5 and do what you love, its easy! Everything will fall into place!” After reading that line, I had to close my laptop out of frustration because guess what? It isn’t easy at all and everything doesn’t always fall into place. I’ve fallen on my butt so many times in the process of starting this brand that if it were so easy, literally everyone would be doing it.

I’ve always had dreams of working on my own, but needed to figure out how to make an income from my investment. I invested so much time and money getting the website, logo, shop page, and content going that I needed to devise a game plan to put my dreams into action. I got flyers made, came up with a pricing structure, reached out to local business that could benefit from my services, connected with former co-workers to help spread the word, and got my first two clients a month after putting in major work. Getting started isn’t easy, but you have to keep going. I almost gave up several times thinking my plan of action was silly or wouldn’t work, but I’ve realized anything worth doing is worth fighting for. If you want it, you have to go out and get it!

As you can see, so much has changed with Etcetera Modus by Mary Dyánn and I’m so excited to share my journey with you all. I’ve been a busy little bee with dreams of creating a fashion empire—a brand that will stand the test of time. I’ve had some exciting up’s and major downs, one thing I can say is that God has been walking with me every step of the way.

The pictures above are from my first shoot in about 3 months since redirecting my brand. I didn’t get to enjoy a summer of travel like most bloggers because I was busy building, growing, learning and working my butt off. I’m no longer just a Fashion Blogger, I’m now a boss babe creating the life I’ve always dreamed of—one closet at a time.

One thing I’ve learned this summer is when life hands you lemons, squeeze hard, add water and make the best lemonade possible! If you keep working hard, you’ll be able to sip some of that lemonade in a Burberry bikini and head to the beach!

if y’all have any questions about how I got my start or would like to give me some advice on how to maintain, please reach out anytime.

Shoot me a comment below!

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Photographer— @villagepsychicmusic

Bikini— Burberry, here (one piece, here)

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