J’adore Lancôme

Lancôme’s “Sourcils Styler” eyebrow gel in Transparent keeps my brows in check for a long lasting hold. The transparent color looks white when first applied, so I gently tap my brows to blend it in, then I’m all set!

Holiday beauty is all about the “Sparkle & Shine! I love eye shadows and highlighters that pop—especially in golden hues—and face products that help my skin maintain moisture and balance while brightening. During the winter, it’s important for me to keep my skin as hydrated as possible. The cold air is brutal enough, so I use everything I can to help keep my skin soft, bright and full of moisture! 

Recently Lancôme  sent me some amazing products to try. I received Lancôme’s “Sourcils Styler” brow gelOil-free Teint Idole ultra longwear foundation stick, Color Design holiday eyeshadows, and the Hydra Zen night masque. The arrival of all 4 products felt like an early Christmas at my door step. Who doesn’t love being gifted amazing beauty and makeup products from a prestigious brand such as Lancôme? 

With a rich 82 year history in the beauty and frangrance market it’s no surprise that Lancôme is one of the top beauty brands in the world.  The name "Lancôme" itself was inspired by the forest of Lancosme that lies in the Indre valley in the heart of France in the region of La Brenne - the name was chosen by Lancôme’s founder Guillaume d'Ornano wife, Elisabeth d'Ornano. The roses in the area inspired the company's symbol of the single golden rose. How fitting!

It’s goes without saying that Lancômewill be a permanent fixture in my beauty and makeup routine for years to come!

The Hydra Zen Masque is an absolute must! After the first use I saw dramatic results in the appearance of fine lines and it brightened my skin. I’ve been using it for a week now and have also seen my skin tone improve. Dark spots are slowly fading away. Are the main ingredients derived from the fountain of youth?

I received the “Translucence” silky loose powder awhile back and use it every day. It’s the perfect complement to my foundation stick pictured below.

This oil-free foundation goes on smooth and it really last, 24 hours to be exactt! It’s great to use as a foundation, highlight or contour.

I love how my eyes sparkle with my “All That Brightens” eye shadow mixed with “Exhibition” (sheen).

All my Lancôme goodies! Feels like an early Christmas.

Thank you Lancôme for these amazing products!

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