Bonne Année

New Year, Same Me...

As we leave the past year behind, we often make promises or rules  (usually within the first week) that we don't adhere to and fight with ourselves for not sticking to them. They are called New Years Resolutions. We make promises to stick to like start a diet, go to the gym, learn a new language, make more money, ask for a raise, and so forth. When January 15th comes knocking at our door, we conveniently forget what a treadmill or healthy food looks like. I stopped making these dreaded resolutions a long time ago! No longer will I feel guilty for broken commitments in the New Year. Who needs that kind of negativity after all?

However, in the New Year, I have made a declaration to improve on my procrastination.  Slow and steady wins the race but never starting the race will get you nowhere. I had to ask myself why I felt the need to put off projects until the last minute. The answer was simple—lack of inspiration!  From now on I'm only giving focus to projects that inspire me so I'm motivated to begin without trepidation. Mario Andretti once said, "Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal—a commitment to excellence—that will enable you to attain the success you seek."  While I don't have a "New Years Resolution" so to speak, I have a burning desire to inspire through my work as a fashion stylist and style blogger.  Not only will I not procrastinate, I will also only pursue passion projects that inspire myself and all of you! 

These are my life long goals. Not just something I've come up with as of January 1st 2018.  It starts with a desire to motivate and ends with success! Let us all motivate one another to find our desires, reach our goals and achieve success together! 

Bon Année!

By Mary Dyann Sig .jpg


Top & Jacket: Shegul NY

Leather leggings: Maison Margiela

Accessories: Cartier "Love" bracelets (in gold, rose gold and white gold)  Vita Fede "Mini Titan" bracelets (in gold and white gold

Boots: Christian Louboutin

Photographer: PRL Photos