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Building a brand in burberry

And just like that, summer is almost over…

Time few by so quickly y’all! So many great things have happened these past few months. But, before I dive into all things Etcetera Modus by Mary Dyánn, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your love and support throughout my social media journey…


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Vintage Chanel

Uncover your Style & Realize the value of your closet

Closet Merchandising:

Let’s face it. We as women LOVE to shop, however the organization process can be overwhelming. Let me help you get organized each season as we decide what to keep, donate or consign.

Consignment Concierge:

Don’t have time to consign or sort though your clothing, shoes and accessories? Let me do all the leg work for you—I can also consign for you online, allowing your clothing, shoes & accessories to be seen by millions of shoppers each day!

Fashion Styling:

When you look amazing, you feel amazing! Let me help you look your best for whatever life throws your way. From work, vacations, to gala’s— I have what it takes to help you look and feel like a dream!


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